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»   WatchGuard Firebox X20e Edge   

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router pare-feu avec manuel, adapteur AC et cable ethernet
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Firewall Security Appliance / WatchGuard Firebox X20e Edge
MODEL #: WG50020 XP2E6 X20e
Firmware: v10.1
LiveSecurity Service: Expired

User Guide: 304 pages v10.1 (PDF)

Installed Options:
User Licenses 30
Remote Gateways Installed
Mobile VPN with IPSec Clients Installed - License count 5
WebBlocker Expired
spamBlocker Expired
Gateway AV/IPS Expired
WAN Failover Not Installed

This item has been tested and is in excellent working condition.

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You can find the full description about this Security appliance on WatchGuard webSite:
external Link /store/wgtech/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.107762700

Come with the original AC Power Adaptor, User Guide and a new Ethernet Cable.