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Starting from a basic program, each training activity – which can combine a variety of exercises, including conflict resolution, credibility, and collaboration – is adapted to the target clientele, the organizational needs and objectives.

Designed to foster the acquisition of operational and relational skills, as well as the quality of the functional relationships, our training programs offer a dynamic, diversified methodology in which each participant is invited to use his or her own experience.

Depending on the training activities, we rely on self-evaluation, followed by dialogue and discussion in small and large groups, skills experimentation and, of course, short lectures to facilitate the understanding of concepts and tools.

Training Activities

Conflict resolution between individuals and groups
This activity will help you discover your personal conflict resolution style, and introduce five strategies for intervention, along with various techniques for defusing a potential escalation of aggressiveness.

Managing your credibility
A useful as well as surprising eye-opener regarding the notions, factors, steps, conditions and benefits of managing your own credibility and thus enhancing that of the team and the organization.

Successful partnership
A clarification of the concept of partnership, a look at the participants’ current personal practices, a description of five possible levels of partnership, and identification of the principal conditions that support the development of satisfying and profitable collaboration.

Exploring and dealing with resistance to change
A proven strategy for anticipating and dealing with resistance, while maintaining the quality of the relationship: three prerequisites and six avenues for intervention on both the rational and affective level.

Managing personal and professional change
An original process, practical and unique, with phases and critical points to foster a healthy and speedy adjustment to change, especially changes that are imposed...

Developing cooperation
Beyond generally accepted thinking, cooperation is a relationship that you consciously choose, in which both the climate and the results are managed. An enlightening activity that focuses on a conceptual model, and its various components and processes.

For productive, participative meetings
Practical training in preparing and leading stimulating and effective working meetings. On the agenda: the roles, tools and acts of a meeting leader.

Managing difficult behaviors at work
Draws a distinction between problem behaviour connected with organizational delinquency, a personality disorder, or a mental health issue. Strategies and tools to better understand, prevent and correct these difficult behaviours.

Creativity, joy and problem solving
An instructive and uplifting session, the most significant benefits being the originality and quality of the solutions that it offers to the problems raised by participants. On the agenda: exploring your personal creative process and experimenting with different creativity techniques.

Appreciating individual contributions
A variety of charts and useful tools for the supervisory or coaching relationship; a three-part process aimed at bridging performance or behavioural gaps in a context of continuous development.

Intergenerational integration
At a time when sharing knowledge and retaining competent personnel are among the challenges faced by businesses, a training that offers a better grasp of the challenges faced by each generation, in order to develop a culture of collaboration.

We also offer the option of purchasing the rights to use our training content, including the selection, training and supervision of internal multipliers.


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