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Réussir par la santé relationnelle

Custom Services

Consulting on organizational development matters or the piloting of major structural changes

Individual or group coaching for managers or supervisors

Mediation between individuals or groups

Team building, including a diagnosis and plan for improving results and/or climate, as needed

Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to enhance the complementarity of members within a workgroup

Facilitation of theme days for large groups

Clinics for analysis and resolution of delicate management situations

Custom projects for groups or businesses


Managerial Courage!

Towards a healthy climate of respect

Intergenerationality: pooling your most valuable resources

The power of credibility

From boxing gloves to white gloves

What if recognition wasn’t enough?

Towards a healthy response to change, at work as well as in private life

Handling resistance: A path to real support

Choosing cooperation

Successful partnership

Restoring authority to the workplace


Implementing a coaching culture

Preventing psychological harassment

Guidance and support of organizational changes

Appreciating individual contributions

Developing responsible behaviours towards health and safety at work

Developing motivational leadership in new managers


Conflict resolution between individuals and groups

Managing your credibility

Successful partnership

Exploring and dealing with resistance to change

Managing personal and professional change

Developing cooperation

For productive, participative meetings

Managing difficult behaviors at work

Creativity, joy and problem solving

Appreciating individual contributions

Intergenerational integration

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